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Sign up / KYC

Kasko2go Airdrop Round 2 - 1 500,000 K2G tokens

We all want to see careful and safe drivers around. Therefore, our project is created for us, for you, your friends - for any responsible driver thinking about the future. Our principles are honesty, openness and resistance to unlawful actions. Do you share our values? Join our Telegram channel,Twitter and Facebook and invite your friends!

100 K2G tokens for joining our Telegram, Facebook and Twitter

30 K2G tokens for each friend you invite to our Telegram (maximum 3 friends)

You need to follow a few easy steps which include joining and inviting members to our Telegram.

Please fill in the submission form provided here and follow the instructions on the page. The airdrop round 2 is limited to 17000 participants (and will close once the cap is reached).

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